Make foldable book report

If you have pages left over and your word is finished. Put a blank piece of the square construction paper on the front and back of the book.

My students have loved completing these castle projects with the members of their group.

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When a teacher evaluates the projects, the teacher circles the small numbers inside each box on the printable worksheets. Usually by the end of the year, they can do the folds themselves. There is an optional step in this project that includes adding a drawbridge that folds open and closes.

Here are some of the finished books. From the left side to the right side, measure in 4 inches and draw a thin, light vertical line from the top of the sheet to the bottom. Name and Date Adjective Boxes: This free letter writing stationery set includes the following: Just grab the center right anchor of your text box and drag and drop to the number corresponding with how many pages your book has.

The pictures in the center below are from the fractions foldable we have recently constructed. We will not be changing the height only the width so decide on how tall you want the text in your book. The adjectives should be words that are not typically part of your vocabulary, so use a thesaurus to find them.

Verify that all the pictures are facing the same way and you have them in the order you want. Print out the letters that you wish to fold, go at least dpi in your print. See product file for clip art and font credits.

How to Create a Four-Door Book Foldable

In the center, write the title of the book and a sentence describing the main idea of the book. After I am all finished the book I like to fold some of the pages, that have high exposure of the folds, the other way, as to give it a cleaner look.

Great for whole class use, centers, or to help support guided reading groups working on comprehension in literary nonfiction. Depending on the age of your students, you could assemble these castle projects ahead of time for your students.

Each book took me about 4h. You will want the height of the text to fit within the book you have chosen.

How to Fold Book pages into Letters – Recycled Book Art Ideas

For these main character body book report projects, I encourage my students to think about what makes their characters unique, and to use these ideas in designing their characters. Winslow has been writing for over seven years and is about to have her first Christian romance novel published.

She has written for several organizations and has articles posted on multiple websites. They have really enjoyed sharing their book report projects and discussing their main characters with their classmates when they have completed their projects.

For some of my book report projects, I am able to think of, and create, additional accent pieces to help you in decorating your bulletin board displays. I told you it was easy. The easy-to-use format can be paired with any biographical passage or text and allows you to easily differentiate based on individual student needs.

Create a little ledge on your page with your printed word on it, and hang that page off the second page off the book, at the first little portion of the letter. Our Castle Book Report. Pay attention to detail at the beginning as everything will follow from that first fold.

For example, like this… What you want to do is only fold one of the sections and ignore the second third, forth. Select your text with the direct selection tool. I believe that it is important for students to evaluate their own work, so my book report rubric contains an assessment section for both students and teachers.

Instead, just continue doing letter after letter. As this will represent the "spine" of the book, be creative. Foldable Examples for Your Curriculum I use foldables most often in math. The students drew a picture of their president and sorted sentence strips that had key information about each president on them.

The following book is so simple to make, and your students will enjoy the fact that it is simple and small. Dinah Zike, the foldable lady of Comfort, Texas, is known to say, "Children like to make things that are smaller than normal and larger than average." This is one of those 'smaller' Foldables.

For a book from recycled materials, use the front panel of a grocery bag or any piece of paper with writing on only one side. The writing should be on the inside when you make the first fold.

To make multiple copies of a book, make a blank book with plain copy paper (no writing on either side). Folding Book / Accordian Album. This little book or album makes a lovely gift. The options below include a small folding book (4 1/4" x 4 1/4"), and a bigger accordian album (6" x 6" with foam board cover).

These Blank Books & Papers are designed to make setting up your writing workshop easier. Print and place at a center for students to use. We have a newer collection of blank books and papers – you might find some new styles to add to your workshop!

Vertebrates in the Animal Kingdom 1. Have each group report on their class to all the students. 2. that a reader should be able to answer after reading the book.

Answer page: Write answers to the fact questions. Be sure the answers are written in sentences.


Dec 08,  · I don't see the Multiple Pages / Book Fold option in Google Docs.

Make foldable book report
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Character Body Book Report Project: templates, worksheets, rubric, and more.