How to write a historic structure report

It provides a thoughtfully considered argument for selecting the most appropriate approach to treatment, prior to the commencement of work, and outlines a scope of recommended work.

Building staff may also be able to provide information on recent repairs, current maintenance procedures, and specific areas of active deterioration. For example, research and documentation of existing interior finishes may be required before undertaking localized structural stabilization that will require removal of interior materials.

As the basis for design and construction documents, the historic structure report needs to be readily available and extensively used during implementation of the work. Some historic structure reports are of very limited scope.

How Do I Write a History Report?

Historical photographs are an invaluable aid and time saver in establishing a building's original construction and evolution; in guiding the replication of missing features; and even in understanding existing material deterioration.

The Secretary of the Interior provides four distinct but interrelated approaches to the treatment of historic properties: Structures, objects, vegetation, spatial relationships, views, furnishings, decorative details, and materials may be such features.

The survey may also address the immediate site landscape, if this is not covered in a separate cultural landscape report. The work recommendations are a central feature of the report.

Some organizations and government agencies consider the post project record to be a third part of a historic structure report and not just a supplement. Library of Congress, LC-D Upon completion of the research, physical investigation, evaluation, and work recommendations, the historic structure report is compiled.

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Preservation Briefs

It is proposed to read the eBook with enormous text. Cite this Article A tool to create a citation to reference this article Cite this Article. As additional information is learned relevant to the history of the building, and as work on the historic structure is implemented, the report can be amended and supplemented.

Preservation Briefs

The Secretary of the Interior provides four distinct but interrelated approaches to the treatment of historic properties: Further study may be required such as non-intrusive or intrusive investigation, field testing, sample removal, and laboratory testing and analysis of materials.

Such existing material saves time and money in the preparation of a historic structure report. A chronology of construction and changes to the building, developed through historic and physical research, is an effective approach to identifying original building elements, as well as modifications that have occurred over time.

A partial historic structure report can be completed in preparation for anticipated work that must be initiated to preserve or protect the building. The scope of such studies includes the interior as well as exterior of the historic structure. Research may range from national repositories such as the Library of Congress to local collections or private family records.

How to Write a Historic Structure Report

You should take appropriate breaks after specific intervals while reading. Ease and economy of report preparation should be considered but should not take precedence over clarity and thoroughness of documentation. The length of time required to prepare a historic structure report and the budget established for its development will vary, depending on the complexity of the project, the extent and availability of archival documentation, and to what extent work has already been performed on the building.

The history and significance of the building and its site are evaluated to understand what spaces, elements, and finishes are of architectural or historical importance, and to confirm the overall project goals and treatment direction. Samples should generally be returned to the owner and retained in case future testing is required.

How to Write a Historic Structure Report

Even where buildings are vacant, there are instances where certain physical investigations may need to be limited because of the destructive impact that will occur to historic fabric. As another example, paint and other coatings may be analyzed to determine finish types and composition, and original and subsequent color schemes, using special analysis techniques and comparison with color standard systems.

The Preparation and Use of Historic Structure Reports

Municipal records collections often contain deed and building permit information that is useful in developing a chronology of ownership and construction. Most large-scale or long-term work projects would benefit greatly from the preparation of such a report-and not only from the value of the report as an efficient planning tool See box above.

National Park Service A Levi Trentham Cabin Elkmont Historic District Great Smoky Mountains National Park Historic Structure Report September Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties.” The report should basically provide a clear description of the building’s architectural history: its original appearance, what changes were made and when, and its present condition.

In addition, it should provide. Historic Structure Report Standards. A historic structure report (HSR) is prepared to minimize loss of character-defining features and materials whenever existing information about the developmental history and condition of the historic structure does not provide an adequate basis upon which to address anticipated management objectives, whenever alternative courses of action for.

Historic Structure Report Today, Historic Structure Reports (HSRs) are multi-disciplinary planning documents, often cre- When to Write an HSR or Preservation Plan Although HSRs and Preservation Plans include many of the same components, they are differ- ent documents.

Format Book Published New York: W.W. Norton & Co., c Language English ISBN (pbk.), (pbk.) Contents. What is a historic structure report?

Although historic structure reports may differ in format, depending upon the client, the producer of the report, the significance of the structure, treatment requirements, and budgetary and time restrictions, the essential historic preservation goal is the same.

How to write a historic structure report
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