How do i write my siwes report to my school

Lack of Motivation The educational system in Nigeria is bad, which is virtually enough to make an individual loose interest and not see the essence of such an occupation but when an individual encounters the above challenges in what will most likely be his real work environment later in the not too far future then it is nothing other disastrous.

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Engineering Technical Reports

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It builds in you work related skills and key competencies that are required to perform jobs or functions.

How To Write National Open University Of Nigeria NOUN IT/Siwess Logbook Report

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It affords students of tertiary institutions the opportunity of being familiarized and exposed to the needed experience in handling machinery and equipment which are usually not available in the educational institutions.

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The report of the Industrial Training/Siwes is an essential part of the programme. The programme is, therefore, not deemed to have been passed through by the student, by the School Board of Studies and the University of Senate until a satisfactory report has been written.

Industrial Training Report – The report of student industrial work Experience scheme (SIWES) is an essential part of the industrial training programme. 7. SIWES will increase a student’s sense of responsibility. 8. SIWES students will be prepared to enter into full-time employment in their area of specialization upon graduation.

9. SIWES students will develop employment records/references that will enhance employment opportunities. Justification Report. THE PRESIDENTIAL DEBATES Looking at both debates, it seems both candidates are using lines and words for their ad campaigns to point.

May 22,  · about getting my log book, it is already submitted, but i can assure you % answers to all your questions based on SIWES and filling of the log book, and also other related/computer science issues.

you can have my email [email protected] also remember to share the post with your friends on SIWES too. hope to hear from you soon Udeh Fruitty Blog. SIWES Program at GDES - Students Industrial Attachment (Internship) Jobs.

Internship Programs - GDES is providing Industrial Training opportunities for Students. The Prospective Interns shall write Test/Interview and successful candidates shall be offered internship.

Duration for internship is a minimum of 3 months and maximum of 6 months. Only students from Institutions awarding baccalauraete.

How do i write my siwes report to my school
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