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With a Forward by William Ketcham, Jr.

Throne of Glass Summary & Study Guide

Wonka tries tempting them with pills dubbed Wonka-Vite that each have the power to make a person twenty years younger. Suddenly the glass turns to mist — and Alice passes through it to the other side. Meanwhile, a spacecraft with all the hotel's astronauts and workers is approaching and is in communication with Houston and Washington DC.

Good for thoughtful middle-schoolers and up. Charlie is in theory the protagonist, but Willy Wonka really does more to keep things moving forward; Charlie is more like an observer and helper discovering his new factory.

Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll

Every piece of information you need is available on one screen. Your students will love this 'Book Report Form: They are already in the hotel and decide to take control of the hotel elevators, which open, and the Knids twist themselves into five letters: Draw and describe a food that is as strange as green eggs and ham.

It grew into a real force and a voice. He died in Parents can use this book to talk about drugs and addiction.

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The parents' guide to what's in this book. This page book also contains new material and an index with more than entries. She describes him as a man who "was an expert in math, physics and electricity and read books on calculus and logarithmic algebra.

Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator-book report:-)

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She enters a pet contest with Mouse, her cat. They decide the go take a look as the first humans to go aboard. Or whom we have to thank for it. Wonka uses an aging spray he invented Vita-Wonk to bring her back - a little too much.

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• A Kirkus Reviews Best Teen Book • An Amazon Best Book • A YALSA-ALA Best Fiction for Young Adults Book • Waterstones Teen Book of the Year Finalist “A must-read for lovers of epic fantasy and fairy tales.” Read more praise for the Throne of Glass. THE GLASS MENAGERIE By Tennessee Williams New York: New Directions Paperbook, ISBN pages.

Comments by Bob Corbett May Throne of Glass Summary & Study Guide Description. Throne of Glass Summary & Study Guide includes comprehensive information and analysis to help you understand the book. This study guide contains the following sections.

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Glass book report
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