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The man rolled out of the car growling and talking to himself, and stomped through the grass to the rear. He inhaled slowly and closed his eyes to savor the gas. Do they tell the cops. He closed his eyes and clutched the weeds. There was a low, rushing sound coming from the dirt road.

He just wanted to hurry up and die. Do you think it'll work.

The Client

So I think we should die together. The car was a big black Lincoln Town car and it immediately caught Marks attention.

On a side note, the character was played wonderfully in the movie version by Susan Sarandon.


A half-empty fifth of Jack Daniels was in his hand. The incident all began when Ricky stumbled over a pack of cigarettes Mark was hiding under his bed, immediately Ricky was curious about smoking and wanted to give it try.

After Mark freed the hose from the cars exhaust pipe several times he was caught by the man and dragged into the car to die with him. He took short, quick breaths through the nose, and neither smelled nor felt anything. His nose hurt like hell and his mouth hurt worse.

So to protect himself, he eventually hires a lawyer. Off to see the wizard.

John Grisham’s The Client: Summary & Analysis

He had to stop crying and think of something. I've been driven crazy, Mark, and how old are you. Mark opened his mouth into a perfect circle and attempted a smoke ring.

It was mildly suspenseful After a long while of being trapped in the man car Mark escaped and ran from the man who ends up shooting himself in the head when both Ricky and Mark where watching.

Ricky stood, in shock and fear, and wet his pants. He hires her for a dollar. They watched it carefully. Days later back in New Orleans Barry hears of the kid and about his dead lawyer and concludes that the kid must know the location of the body, and then decides that for safe being the kid should be killed, and if was not for Marks lawyer this might have been the case.

He closed his eyes and said a prayer. After Mark freed the hose from the cars exhaust pipe several times he was caught by the man and dragged into the car to die with him. His hand shook and he took a short drag and blew smoke.

10 of the best books to help improve your client relationships

He knew that if they were spotted, they could dart past the tree and down their trail and be gone before the chubby man could catch them. Because of his vocal opposition to a proposed major toxic landfill project by a company known to be Mafia-backed, murder is suspected.

Now, do you want the gun.


This section contains words approx. Mark closed his eyes and pressed the handle of the gun with the palms of his hands. He turned his shoulders and looked squarely at the man, who was even larger now.

Then the door opened, and the driver stepped into the weeds and looked around. His stomach cramped and his heart pounded, and for a minute after the gunshot he did not move.

Little brothers were more trouble than they were worth. Mark has seen enough movies to know that the mafia never forgets. Her name is Reggie Love.

He had hit his father with a baseball bat when he was seven. His teeth chattered and his jeans were wet, but he was thinking now, moving from his crouch onto his hands and knees and sinking into the grass.

As the situation becomes more deadly, Mark finally gives in and decides to make a deal with the FBI. Client-Side Reporting with Visual Studio in Written for all VS users writing any kind of report, this is the only book This is the only book available on /5(10).

The Client hasratings and 2, reviews. Diane said: Great read! a riveting storyline consisting of some great characters with different persona 4/5. The Client: A Novel Comment | Report abuse. Amazon Customer. I just finished listening to John Grisham’s The Client.

What a great book!/5().

The Client Book Summary and Study Guide

About the Book excerpt Praise Back to Books About the Book In a weedy lot on the outskirts of Memphis, two boys watch a shiny Lincoln pull up to the curb Eleven-year-old Mark Sway and his younger brother were sharing a forbidden cigarette when a chance encounter with a suicidal lawyer left Mark knowing a bloody and explosive secret: the whereabouts of the most sought-after dead body in America.

The Client () is a legal thriller written by American author John Grisham, set mostly in Memphis, Tennessee and New Orleans, is Grisham's fourth novel.

Plot Author: John Grisham. The Client John Grisham, Author, Grisham This uncommon attorney-client relationship adds an affecting, Reader's Digest Condensed Book selection.

Book report the client
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The Client - John Grisham