Book report the breadwinner

They decided to dress Parvana like a boy because that way she will be able to go to the market and earn some money. She stopped going to school because the Taliban forbid women from leaving the house. The five family members live in a one room apartment of a bombed apartment complex. Even when wearing a burqa the women were supposed to be accompanied by their husband or another man.

They sold everything they could on the market. He was a Taliban and he was overwhelmed while she was reading his letter because it was meant for his wife who had passed away.

She did things no child should do. We are introduced to a family that lives together in a room because their luxurious house was destroyed by a bomb. Deborah knew she had to turn that story into a book and the result was The Breadwinner trilogy. He had been killed by a land mine when he was 14 years old.

Her father lost his leg when the school he was teaching at was bombarded.

The Breadwinner

The Breadwinner is an important book and one that girls and guys everywhere should read to learn how women are treated in some societies. Violence Danger is ever present, and men, women, and children are fearful of beating or imprisonment by the Taliban or being killed by mines or bombs.

The Breadwinner, Book 1

They lived in a one-room apartment after their house got destroyed by a bomb. One day she discovers a young woman refugee hiding, and Parvana brings her home to keep her safe.

And Parvana is compassionatehelping others in need and finding novel ways to support her family logistically and emotionally.

Get it now on Searching for streaming and purchasing options Her mother, sister, and two younger siblings spent each day, all day, cooped up in a one-room apartment. First, she bought naan — Afghanistan bread.

Various rules are in place; - girls are forbidden to go to school, - no woman can work, - all girls and women have to stay inside their homes, - all windows have to be painted over with black paint so that no one can see the women inside, - buses are not permitted to carry women who do not have a man with them, - photographs are illegal, and many other atrocities.

The Breadwinner Summary & Study Guide

They came to the guards and started yelling that they are here to get their husband and father but the guards started kicking them. One night Parvana found out that her sister was getting married.

The Breadwinner

Deborah constantly moved around with her family and on her journeys, she decided to write down the stories of the people she met. She found some fabric, then a bracelet.

The woman from the window kept on throwing her gifts and Parvana planted a flower on the spot where she used to sell her items because she was leaving for Mazal with her father.

Parvana spent a few days at home and then she went back to work because Shauzia called her. She decided to forget about the bad things she had seen.

Adam Fe According to a UN report, Afghanistan is the worst country in the world to be born a girl. They decided to keep their job secret and use their paycheck to buy some more things they can sell. They would meet up every day on the market.

They dreamt of a better life and even started running away without knowing where they are going. Her father was a history teacher so Parvana lived next to his stories and she enjoyed history because of him.

Even in dire circumstances, courage helps cultivate hope. In short, the Taliban has majorly screwed things up for Parvana and her family. Book Report: The Breadwinner By: Axel Henriksson Mellander I have finished the book called The Breadwinner and it is probably one of the best books that I have ever read because it was very interesting to read about.

The Breadwinner, Book 1

Book Summary. Chapter 1. Parvana left the house just to help her father get to the market because he lost his leg. She couldn’t walk out without him because she was a women and it was forbidden to women to walk out of the house alone.

Women were also deprived of. The Breadwinner, also known as Parvana, is a children's novel by Deborah Ellis, first published in As of Octoberthe English-language edition of the book has had a run of 39 Deborah Ellis. Except for the problems of countries far away she also wrote about the problems of her homeland Canada.

In her book “Looking for X”, where she described a girl living in the poor area of Toronto, Deborah wanted to point out the problem of poverty in Canada. The Breadwinner is a novel by Deborah Ellis. Ellis, a Canadian peace activist, visited Afghan refugees in Pakistan in Ellis, a Canadian peace activist, visited Afghan refugees in Pakistan in The Breadwinner brings to life an issue that has recently exploded in the international media: the reality of life under the Taliban.

Young Parvana lives with her family in one room of a bombed-out apartment building in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Book report the breadwinner
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The Breadwinner Chapter 1 Summary